Viewing PDF Documents

On desktop and laptop computers:
If you don't have software to open PDF files you can download Adobe Reader for free.
On mobile devices:
Search your app store for PDF viewer, there are several options for andriod and iOS.

Navigating PDF files

When you get to a story that continues on another page just click on the "See..." text to take you to the jump page. To get back to the page where the story started click on the "Continued from..." text.
PDF links

At the top of the front page there are teasers to inside stories called skyboxes. Clicking on a skybox will take you to that story. At the bottom on the front page is an incomplete table of contents. Everything in there is also clickable.

Change your settings

There are a few changes you can make to tailor the E-Edition to your reading preferences. You can access it under the silhouette icon in the top right of every page or you can click here.

Forgot how to login?

If you don't know your username use the form here to retrieve it. If you know your password but forget your username go here to reset it. If you have trouble with either give us a call and we can help.