Viewing PDF Documents

Many devices come with PDF viewing software, but if you are having trouble try the Web method on your settings page. The downside to this browser based PDF viewer is that it might be slower than native software.

Daily Email

To get the E-Edition delivered to your inbox click the checkbox on your settings page.

Daily Standard App

We do not have an app in the app store, but you can make this website work just like an app.
On Apple devices:

tap the share button
scroll sideways and click the add to home screen button
tap add

The same feature is available on Andrid devices.

Navigating PDF files

When you get to a story that continues on another page just click on the "See..." text to take you to the jump page. To get back to the page where the story started click on the "Continued from..." text.

PDF links

At the top of the front page there are teasers to inside stories called skyboxes. Clicking on a skybox will take you to that story. At the bottom on the front page is an incomplete table of contents. Everything in there is also clickable.

Forgot how to login?

If you don't know your username use the form here to retrieve it. If you know your password but forget your username go here to reset it. If you have trouble with either give us a call and we can help.

Password not working

If your password is working on one device but not on another there is a good chance cookies are to blame. This site uses cookies to for logging in. If cookies are not working you will not be able to view the paper.

cookies broken

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