Privacy Policy

We will not sell your information.

We will share some information with service providers only for servicing your account. This may include offers directly from us.

We will provide information to law enforcement when compelled to do so.

Updated 2015-10-9

Terms of Service

Your use of this website is subject to these terms. If you do not agree with these terms do not use this website.

A subscription is to be shared only within a household. The Daily Standard will determine if any sharing is within these bounds.

No reproduction or dissemination of content is permitted other than what is allowed by copyright law.

A subscriber is authorized to access content that has been paid for, or that has been expressly permitted by The Daily Standard.

An account may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of The Daily Standard.

Your use of this site cannot impair other's use of this site.

Stopped paper credit is not offered for E-Edition subscribers.

These terms may be changed at any time. The subscriber is responsible for checking this page for updates.

Updated 2016-3-9

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your subscription you can cancel it at any time.

Refunds are prorated.

Online purchases will have the original payment method credited. Another method may be used at our discretion.

Single copy sales will only be refunded if there is a technical issue that prevents you from viewing the E-Edition.

There is a $5 processing fee on refunds.

No refunds will be issued for amounts less than $10.

Updated 2019-12-30

Payment Policy

One month subscriptions are based on calendar days. If a month does not have enough days then the last day of the month is used. Three month subscriptions are 13 weeks, six month subscriptions are 26 weeks, and one year subscriptions are 52 weeks.

Accounts with automatic payments will be renewed until you cancel you subscription.

Automatic payments are charged 3 business days before the subscription ends.

If the automatic payment fails it may be retried multiple times. If payment is still unsuccessful at the end of you subscription you will not have access to new issues.

Prices subject to change.

All physical subscriptions include access to the E-Edition. E-Edition subscriptions do not include a physical subscription.

Updated 2020-9-3